Saturday, June 7, 2008


blitzkrieg downpour
come nights of the yore
with lacerated hearts
and mutilated souls

numb to the very core
lid is sealed so tight
kills every ray of light
silence forevermore

if you open up this door
and let the demons roar
this inundated hell
it's mortifying smell
is a doomsday gospel
nightmares underscore

Monday, May 5, 2008

Deathbed song

Voices in my head, tell me !
should I feel happy
or should I feel sad
Choices that I made, should they

make me feel good
or it's better left unsaid
now the shadows have arrived

and their eyes look deprived
diligent and quiet
killing every dot of light
strange apparitions

or a morbid dance of fate
take it any way you like
but to choose it's just too late

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


I had a dream
of howling winds
and pouring clouds,
monstrous ocean
roaring loud
then I felt your
gentle touch
and the picture changed
entirely such
that a songbird sung
by a crystal stream


tepid morning sunshine's dottin'
hazy spells of rains
fragrance of magnolia knockin'
sleepy window panes
Will you please ?
listen to the crying of dead leaves !
Will you please ?
turn around
or look beyond
and walk all over me !

Thursday, December 6, 2007

A nameless song !!

I wake up every morning
take a shower sip on coffee
while I wash my toast
down with headlines
(my my)
then I slip into some formals
drive head into the city unkind
(o yeah)

it's a new day at my desk
a new efficiency test
to learn catching up
with darned deadlines
(you bet)
to get a jazzy perk I call
a jerk with the smirk, a great mind
(hell yeah)

what a life I fare

a pipe dream I dare
got to reach up there
wouldn't you tell me please
where ?

such a nasty snare
illusion and despair
would I reach up there
Do I look if I
care ?

- ROFL :D ! I was trying my hand at songwriting and this is what came out !
Think I should shove some riffs & licks into it ...and complete my delusion
of being a composer ! :D

Saturday, December 1, 2007


Wish I had life
that of a shadow
born in the daylight
die in the dark
there in your park
a vaporous sight
my breaths are shallow
cuts like a knife
pain is a rife
bring on the gallows
there's nothing to fight
nothing to mark

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Talking to self

Drop dead
from the hills of sadness
Drop dead
into sea of madness
Drop dead
with a blanked out mind and
Drop dead
along the sands of time

Hold on
to what you hold as dear
Hold on
you got to make it clear
Hold on
you better think about it
Hold on
until the lights break out